Lenovo-tws earbuds,smart watch Lenovo S8 Smart Watch

Lenovo S8 Smart Watch

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Sep .27.2021
From the European Strategy of Lenovo Headquarters to the International Expansion of Lenovo Audio Division, We Always regard Europe as an Important Overseas Market and Continuously Provided High-Quality Products and Services.
Lenovo Audio in South Asia Lenovo Audio in South Asia
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Since 2020, With the Help of India LENOVO, We Started Cooperation with India Smart Company to Market LENOVO Headphones and Smart Wearable Products in Delhi. Up to 2021 with Joint Efforts, We have Established Sales Channels in Major Cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. With SuperMarkets and Distributors Offline, and Online Cooperation with E-Commerce Platforms like Flipkart, The Annual Sales Reach US $5 million.
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In Terms of Product Testing, The Factory Has 20 Equipment That Can Conduct Comprehensive Product Testing. Before Leaving the Factory, Products Need to Be Tested on the Testing Machine For 24 Hours. We Also Have Automated Testing Equipment, Mechanized Production Equipment, All of Which Can Implement Strict And Comprehensive Quality Control And Guarantee For Products.